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I  love my Clients!

I am so tired of the one size fits all marketing strategy. I don't approach marketing like everyone else. I'm not doing to tell you that what worked for one client is going to work for you. Want I offer my clients is over a decade of marketing experience, mix with knowledge and education in strategic communication, and a dash of internal communication skills. One thing I I pride myself in is LISTENING to my clients. I work side by side with you to develop your marketing strategy, build out your brand, create content and manage your digital presence. I live for results based accountability and thrive working in a team environment. Below you will find the clients I have worked with and hopefully soon I'll be able to add you to the list. 


I started with a single session and Katie provided me with a list of things to do. After the first month on my own I realized I needed to get the six month package. Katie helped keep me on track with my goals.

Jordan Wright

Katie redesigned my website and established a brand for my business. She provided me with a branding guide that has been utilized in all my current marketing strategies. 

Sarah Parker

When my company needed to pivot I hired Katie to help me strategize my communication efforts. She was professional and created a plan that helped me achieve my goals. 

Jamie Thompson

Just Sleep Already


Jackie contracted me out to create content and increase IG engagement.

Sarah Ruth's Bakery


Sarah had me help her redesign her bakery website-including design and backend SEO.

Alison Mitzner


Alison hired me to create a media kit and social media content.



Dadhood needed help with brand development, social media strategy, content creation and public relations. 

Cards With Kelly


Kelly needed help with branding development. We created a brand board and branding guidelines. 

Wellness Collective


The ladies of the Wellness Collective needed help with brand development and content creation.

How I  Work with You

I typically contract with clients for three months. This way we can really get some thing accomplished. If we are revamping your social channels and creating new content three months is a good timeframe to development material and see what truly targets your audience. Together we develop KPIs, ROIs, and whatever other touch points we need to be most effective.


If I have the time and energy I will take on smaller projects, i.e. media kit or branding guide. If any of this is lighting you up email and we can set up a call.  


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