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Get your girls together and have a night of getting to know each other better. This deck asks light-hearted and meaningful questions.



Strengthen the relationships you have with your girlfriends.

Get to know your girlfriends on a deeper level. 

Discover exactly what makes your girlfriends so amazing. 


Who is this for:

The girl who wants to connect with her friends on a deeper level.

The girl who wants to have a fun and meaningful girl’s night. 

The girl who wants to know her mom better.

The sisters who want to discover more about one another. 


The Gather Your Gals is a deck of 54 cards that ask questions that are meaningful and fun. Half the deck is light-hearted, while the other half is thought provoking. The deck creates a space of connectedness and appreciation. When you play this game, you will learn something new about the girls you are playing with.

Gather Your Gals

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