Hi I’m Katie

I am grateful to call myself a wife and mother. I'm lucky to have married my best friend and completely lucked out with my two boys. Yes they can be hellions at times, but for the most I enjoy being around them. 

I have a Masters in Strategic Communication and worked as a communication coordinator for the State of Utah for over a decade. I've worked as a communication consultant for the last five years and am still happy to take on certain marketing projects for people.


Over the years, my marketing consultant clients turned into coaching clients. We went from talking about SEO to energy management. I love working with people and giving them a different way of looking at their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. I use mindful techniques and a holistic approach to coaching.​

I also own a small business Hint of Lavender where I have a blast gather people together in a meaningful way. I hope you come celebrate the Summer Solstice or enjoy a cocktail at the Sorta Witchy Night or come get pampered at the GalGiving-an event to give to yourself before you give to everyone else. 

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My Spiritual Journey

When I was pregnant I started to think about life beyond myself. I started to wonder what the world would look like when my child was my age. I found myself asking questions like, “What is the meaning of this life? What part do I want to play in this world?” These were deep meaningful questions I was striving to find the answers to. 


I was super sick during each of my pregnancies. I laid around a lot in the hopes that I didn’t throw up or pass out. I was trying everything I could to feel better and meditation was something that helped. At the time I didn’t identify what I was doing as meditation. I would lay on my bed with my eyes closed and focused on sending different colors of energy to me and my baby. What I also didn’t know at that time, was I was providing color therapy and chakra healing to babies. 


After my two boys were born, I continued to search for answers. I dived into anything I could get my hands on and started learning about spirit guides, the higher self, chakra energy work, oracle cards, and Akashic records. I found a wonderful practitioner who helped me in more ways than she will ever know. She helped me understand I had gifts that I could use to help others. 


I know that I will also be on a spiritual journey. I will continue to grow and discover new things about myself and this world we live in. I love coaching people and helping them connect to a God, power, and energy of their own understanding. Helping others break through their blocks and move forward brings me great joy.