Hi I’m Katie

I have a Masters in Strategic Communication and worked as a communication coordinator for the State of Utah for over a decade. I've worked as a marketing consultant for the last five years and am still happy to take on certain marketing projects for people.


Over the years, my marketing consultant clients turned into coaching clients. We went from talking about SEO to energy management. I love working with people and giving them a different way of looking at their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. I use mindful techniques and a holistic approach to coaching.

I am grateful to call myself a wife and mother. I'm lucky to have married my best friend and completely lucked out with my two boys. Yes they can be hellions at times, but for the most I enjoy being around them. 

I own a small business Social Cards where I sell conversation starter deck of cards that help you start conversations, deepen connections, and strengthen relationships.


My Style of Coaching

First off we have to like one another if we are going to successfully work together. Which is why we start out with a free 15 discovery call. I want you to feel confident in who you choose to work with so you get the most out of your coaching sessions. I work hand in hand with my clients. We find tools and resources that feel right to you.


You present an issue or struggle you want to overcome, and together we come up with a plan of attack. I teach a lot of my clients techniques to go inward when making decisions. We are so bombarded with external influences that oftentimes stifle us. Your life will change when you have the tools to step back and feel what your body is telling you.