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Marketing Services


Brand Development

Whether you have an established brand or just getting starting. I help the vision of your brand come to life so you can have a unity front: not just with marketing assets, but your entire business.


Content Creation

Development digital content is more then just making a funny video or informative post; it's about the data. Before creating any content for a client, I review the company's past content to determine what has preformed well and giving the best ROI.


Strategic Planning

Bust out that business plan and look at the goals you have for the year. Let me help you achieve those goals by developing a strategic marketing plan.


Digital Marketing Management

Your online presence needs to be more than daily reels. You need to utilize SEO best practices to get seen by people outside of your followers. I will respond to your comments in a timely, professional and relatable manner. 



I was a communication coordinator for over a decade. I've managed everything from social media to public relations; organizational structure and processes to strategic development and execution. Now I freelance and consult mostly on strategic development, brand development, content creation and digital management. I would love to jump on a call to talk about my expertise and your project needs. 


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