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Discover Your Spirituality

During this workshop you get...

  • Five 1-hour group sessions

  • One 30 min 1:1 coaching sessions with either Kris or Katie

  • Journal prompts, exercises, etc. each week

  • Meditations recordings

Within a religion lies community.  So when you decide to leave, to break free from the beliefs that have been instilled into your mind, you leave behind connection to all you’ve known. Starting over can feel liberating and at the same time scary as hell. It’s redefining what YOU believe and letting yourself dream of a life where spirituality doesn’t look like hours in a brick building, or praying on your knees for the almighty to forgive you. But before you can even begin, the first step is getting back in touch with your intuition.  The inner knowing that never leads you astray.  


It’s common to have deep scars around religion + spirituality.  We want to help you find that healing, hope, sense of community + newfound peace through spirituality, so that you leave this space with:

  • A new sense of self knowing 

  • An understand of what spirituality means to you 

  • A spiritual practice that feels aligned with you  

  • A community that supports spirituality

This workshop is for women who have left a religion and are searching for a community. During this workshop you will receive tools and resources that help you go within so you can redefine what spirituality means to you.

Dates: This 5 week workshop 

Teachers: Kristjana Hillberg and Katie McMinn

Price: $555

Discover your spirituality, connect to yourself and find your inner strength. Significant change is imminent.


Kristjana Hillberg

I was raised in a conservative religious household and was conditioned to prioritize others’ opinions, feelings, and beliefs before my own - even when it felt completely counterintuitive. The only way for me to know I was on the right path, was to ask someone else (of course an old white dude knows exactly what I need at all times!). My inner voice had been muffled by so many different hands - the church, society, friends, family, etc., that it was hard to decipher if the life I was living was MY life.  

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Katie McMinn

I was raised in a religious household where I was taught to think and act a certain way. At a young age principles, belief systems, and values were placed on my shoulders. I felt I had to walk a righteous path in order to be happy. At the age of 12, I knew I was different from my peers and discovered I had a different path. I found a strength within myself to find my own way to happiness. I discovered an inner knowing that led to my inner voice singing my truth at last.

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