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Past Life Readings

What exactly is a past life reading? A past life reading is where a practitioner provides healing by accessing a person’s Akashic Records.  When I first heard about the Akashic Records I was very skeptical. Are they a literal book hidden somewhere in a cave discovered by Indiana Jones? Are the an energetic books floating through the cosmos? In my search to discover and understand exact with the records are I found a brilliant definition from advance Akashic Reader Krista Rauschenberg:


The Akashic Records are an energetic library of information that contain the details of your soul and its journey. They span through past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities.

Tree on Cliff

Reasons to have a Past Life Reading

Walking in Nature

Aids in healing the inner child, ancestral trauma, maternal and paternal wounds, etc.

Basket and Wild Flowers

Clears energetic blocks arising out of karmic issues; which are keeping you from moving forward.

Woman on a Deserted Road

Aids in balancing the energy levels

of the body.

Holding a Flower

Removes negative thoughts, beliefs,

behaviors and patterns

from our past lives.

Brings attention to

our inner self

and creates space

for inner healing.

Pink Marble
Flower Shadow

We have the power within ourselves to heal wounds from the past.

What to Expect From an Akashic Record Reading

When you book a reading, I will call you and we’ll talk about where you are at in your life and what blocks you are facing. It is basically your time to tell me why you are needing to heal. I will ask for your full name and access your records. Your records will show me past life experiences that will aid in healing your current wounds. 


These readings are typically an hour, however with that said I’m fine if we go over time a bit. You can’t rush cosmic energy. Right?

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the length of the session?

60 mins


Where will the reading take place?

Over the phone


How much does the reading cost?


Get in Touch

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