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Calling all dads! It’s time to get a little vulnerable and open up about your experience as a dad. 


This deck helps you:

Share your stories about dadhood. 

Connect with other dads in a meaningful way. 

Discover how kick ass your friends are at being a dad.

Share your stories with his kids.


Who is this for:

The dad that wants to share his stories of dadhood. 

The dad that wants to connect with other dads.

The child who wants to learn more about their dad.

For starting conversation in dad groups and podcasts.


The Dad Deck is a deck of 54 cards that ask questions about Dads. These questions create a space of vulnerability, appreciation, and love. Some cards are lighthearted and fun; while others dig deep and ask meaningful questions. This deck of cards is a way for you to connect with your Dad and hear about his dadhood experience.

Dad Deck

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