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I support women who are at a place in their lives where they want to discover more about themselves. I help them unpack the shit that is no longer serving and find practices that enrich their wellbeing.

There is nothing more magical than when a client has an "ah ha" moment. I help my clients go inward and listen to their bodies when faced with the hardship and choices life throws at them. Think of me as an emotional intelligence coach. I will give you tools and resources to get you to start listening to your body and your intuition. Think of my coaching as a mix of strategic communication and mindfulness. I help you clearly define your goals and develop mindfulness practices to help you stay grounded and on track for success. Together we will find solutions to problems and determine strategies to implement into your life to help you find peace and contentment. 


You present an issue or struggle you want to overcome, and together we come up with a plan of attack. I teach a lot of my clients techniques to go inward when making decisions. We are so bombarded with external influences that oftentimes stifle us. Your life will change when you have the tools to step back and feel what your body is telling you.

First off we have to like one another if we are going to successfully work together. Which is why we start out with a free 15 discovery call. I want you to feel confident in who you choose to work with so you get the most out of your coaching sessions. I work hand in hand with my clients. We find tools and resources that feel right to you.

If a group setting is more your thing? I have two group workshops: Discover Your Spirituality and Unpack Your Shit. Check them both out and email me with whatever questions you have. 

White Plants

you will...

When you work with me

  • Identify the beliefs that are holding you back

  • Find daily practices that make you feel better

  • Learn to feel your emotions in a physical way

  • Accept your emotions and use them as a guiding force when making decisions

  • Discover tools that will help you reach your goals

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a human being